Gang documentary wins award

The documentary film La Vida Loca, on El Salvador’s youth gangs, has buy prescriptions. won a critics award in France for best documentary film. The film’s director, Christian Poveda, was murdered last year while he was finishing the documentary. The government has made several arrests in connection with the crime, but no one has been convicted yet. There are a few clips from the documentary on YouTube. Here’s one with decent English subtitles.

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Open mouth, insert pork


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The Argentine press is abuzz with remarks by President Kirchner describing the consumption of pork as a boost to the ol’ sex life: “Eating roast pork is better than taking Viagra,” she said, apparently while in a rather jocular mood.

While I agree with Madame President on the sensuous nature of roast pork, I tend to think of it as cheap pain pills online. a replacement for, rather than a precursor to, boning.

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Impotence (impotence, erectile dysfunction) is the most common sexual disorder in the male population.

Impotence (impotence, erectile dysfunction) is the most common sexual disorder in the male population.
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Impotence (impotence, erectile dysfunction) is the most common sexual disorder in the male population. It is divided into two groups: partial or complete division. With partial erectile dysfunction, the man retains the ability to achieve an erection, but his quality decreases. In complete erectile dysfunction there is no potency even with sufficient excitement.

Causes and forms of impotence in men
Potency problems in men can occur at any age. Today, there are many reasons for the violation of libido in men. They are physiological and psychological. The disease can be successfully treated, the method of which depends on the form and etiology of the disease. According to statistics in one out of every 100 cases, this problem is irreversible. And it develops as a result of severe physiological disorders in the body. Dapoxetine online

There are seven types of erectile dysfunction:

- mental dysfunction – caused by depression, stressful situations, experiences, anxiety and complexes; Age dysfunction – due to the natural aging -?process of the body and age-related diseases;
-?hormonal dysfunction – develops under the effect of dysfunction of the gonads (diabetes, hypogonadism, pituitary tumor);
-?neurogenic dysfunction – caused by spinal cord injury, herniated disc, cerebrovascular disease and multiple sclerosis;
-?venous dysfunction – observed in cardiovascular diseases (excessive outflow of blood through the veins, inadequate arterial inflow);
-?arteriogenic dysfunction – develops in patients with atherosclerotic lesions of the coronary and penile vessels;
Dysfunction of the cavernous tissue – accompanied by a disruption of the erection mechanism, changes in the structure of the blood vessels and the cavernous body of the smooth muscle of the penis. Cialis online
Physiological causes
For physiological reasons that cause the development of impotence in men, include chronic heart disease, blood vessels and the endocrine system.
Often there is sexual dysfunction due to insufficient testosterone production – the most important sex hormone whose function is to stabilize the patient’s strength and endurance. More serious disorders are observed when the level of female hormones (estrogens) increases with a decrease in testosterone levels.
A hormonal imbalance is not only dangerous for the development of erectile dysfunction, but also a violation of the general mental state.
Alcohol abuse, frequent smoking and drug use are also causes of impotence. Lack of physical activity (especially in case of unhealthy diet and overweight) impairs erection quality.?levitra online

Psychogenic causes
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How to treat sexual disorders
The goal of treating impotence is to eliminate the cause of this disorder. Depending on the type of hormone therapy is prescribed by specialists, with stimulating drugs or herbal preparations and psychotherapy are used. For the qualitative treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is recommended to give up the addiction and to exercise regularly. If the cause of impotence is a hormonal imbalance, hormone therapy is required. These were prescribed medications containing testosterone. This treatment should be under medical supervision. The independent use of hormonal drugs is dangerous to your health. Viagra online

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Who is Pepe Lobo?

Winning elections, not beauty contests.

Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo was sworn in today as president of Honduras. So who is he? According to lotto lotto appthis long, exhaustive, very well done profile by the folks at the Barcelona Center for International Studies, Pepe is a child of the political power structure. Born a wealthy rancher, he studied business administration at the University of Miami. After an odd detour to spend a few years at a university in the Soviet Union, he joined the power structure of the country’s right-wing Honduras National Party (PNH) in the 1980s and worked his way up through various executive- and legislative-branch posts.

After winning his party’s nomination for president in 2005 (partly on a platform that called for legalizing the death penalty), Lobo ran against none other than Mel Zelaya. He lost to Zelaya in a close election marred by complications with the vote count. After Zelaya was deposed in June of last year, Lobo initially supported the coup, then backed off and remained conspicuously neutral during the rest of the controversy.

He won the presidency in a relatively peaceful vote that took place on November 30. His first act as president-elect was to reach an agreement to grant Zelaya safe passage out of the country, which Zelaya took advantage of today. Some 10,000 security personnel were in place during his inauguration today, where Lobo made a point of stating, “It’ll be four years. Not one day more, not one day less.”

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His 15 proposals for his administration are as follows:

  1. National reconciliation, extended to the international community.
  2. Amnesty as a principle of reconciliation.
  3. The installation of a truth commission.
  4. To set up a 28-year National Plan.
  5. To generate wealth for all Hondurans.
  6. To set up a welfare program for 600,000 homemakers of the country’s poorest families.
  7. To get computers for public schools.
  8. To improve the health care system.
  9. To push for a public bilingual school.
  10. To reduce the unemployment rate.
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  12. 200 days of classes (every year, I assume).
  13. To improve crime statistics, especially in the country’s large cities.
  14. To improve justice at all levels.
  15. To combat corruption.
  16. To attract foreign investment through a new law that will be sent to the National Congress soon.

Pretty standard fare for a politician. I’m more entertained by Reuters’ revelations about the 61-year-old president:

Lobo, which means “Wolf” in doxazosin no prescription. Spanish, has been married three times, is the father of 11 children and practices tae kwon do.

Maybe he and Putin could get together and spar.

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Venezuela: Still on the brink

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Nothing to see here.

The recent move by the ChA?vez administration to shut down cable TV channels has called down harsh criticism from basically everyone: Human Rights Watch, Reporters Without Borders, the Organization of American States, hell, even France. What will happen as a result is approximately nothing. The international community (excepting the King of Spain) lacks the cojones to take on ChA?vez in the kind of international diplomatic games of chicken that he lives for.

Of course, ChA?vez still has plenty to worry about. Power and water rationing are angering basically everyone, a 50% devaluation of the bolivar is going to cause inflation to fly even higher (it’s already the highest in the region), soaring crime means Venezuela has the second highest murder rate in the world, and the price of oil has been falling all year even as ChA?vez continues to give the stuff away to buddy countries.

With legislative elections coming up in September, it’s no wonder ChA?vez is stepping up his efforts to silence the media. Even a perfectly objective reporter would have to write or speak some incredibly negative things about the performance of the ChA?vez administration. The last 10 years have been quite frankly disastrous, even though some of the country’s extreme poor are supposedly better off thanks to expanded social spending.

But while it’s good to see people getting angry about ChA?vez’ power grabs and mismanagement, student and popular protests have happened before with no result. Venezuela has seemed to be at the breaking point for years now. The smart money says that these protests will fade as well, and the international community will go back to standing around looking sheepish.

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Central Bank autonomy at stake

Redrado turned away from his office on Sunday night.

The New York Times published a nice article the other day on the controversy over Argentina’s Central Bank. Over the next few days, the Argentine Congress is going to be looking at the situation and deciding whether to fire Redrado – as Kirchner wants – or to keep him on.

I imagine what most observers are worried cialis en ligne. about is autonomy. Take a populist executive and give her control over the currency, and you pretty much know how that movie ends: She prints piles and piles of money to pump up government spending until inflation spirals out of control.

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There’s precedent indicating that control over and manipulation of the Central Bank is exactly what Kirchner’s after. Apparently she took control of the National Institute for Statistics and Census (INDEC) in 2006, and the data have been unreliable ever since. La NaciA?n reports that many Argentinian observers fear the same will happen at the Central Bank.

The taking of the Central Bank may have in fact already started. ClarAi??n writes that the release of reports on the exchange rate and inflation have been postponed until today, when it looks like they’ll be released, but in a heavily edited form. Also, the Central Bank offices are being “purged” of Redrado supporters.

Not a good moment to invest in the peso, if you ask me.

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Say no to Tasers

Two thumbs up for Argentine legislator Francisco “Tito” Nenna for raising a stink over the Buenos Aires police’s acquisition of five Taser X26. Calling them “torture implements,” he pointed out that both the UN and Amnesty International frown on their use.

Electricity is a great method for torturing people because it hurts like hell and leaves no marks. Argentinians unfortunately know this all too well. Even accounting for Tasers’ practical uses in keeping the peace, experience in the U.S. demonstrates that when handed one, cops often get a little trigger-happy. OK, a lot trigger happy.

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“Strange Bedfellows”

In state elections all over Mexico, the left-wing Party for the Democratic Revolution (PRD) and the right-wing National Action Party (PAN) are joining forces against the old-guard, authoritarian, and oxymoronically-named Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). Patrick Corcoran of Gancho gives a great overview of the situation over at

This plan is a striking reflection of the utter corruption of many PRI governors, deemed the leaders of “authoritarian governments” by PRD President JesA?s Ortega. That two parties with such serious disagreements about public policy and political practices as the PAN and the PRD are willing to combine forces against a common adversary is a testament to the uniting power of governors like Pueblaai??i??s Mario MarAi??n, who is believed to amerrimedrx. have ordered the kidnapping of a journalist and to have protected a network of child pornographers.

| |

Such alliances would be a small-scale return to the political climate of the second half natural supplement loc:br. of the twentieth century, in which parties on the left and the right often made common cause in opposing the authoritarian PRI. The return of such a state of affairs seems to have worried the PRI (Senate leader Manlio Fabio Beltrones oddly referred to the alliances a ai???deformity,ai??? as though by uniting against the PRI the two parties were disobeying Godai??i??s great political plan), and it should.

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Run Mel, run

Porfirio Lobo’s first act after he’s sworn in as president of Honduras on Wednesday will be to grant safe conduct out of the country to ex-President Mel Zelaya, who was ousted last July and has been hanging out in the Brazilian embassy more or less ever since. He’ll now be spending some time in the Dominican Republic.

Mel Zelaya

Don't forget your hat.

This basically amounts to giving him a head start: The head of Honduras’ Supreme Court says Mel is there a generic equivalent of cialis. will still have to answer for the 18 charges that the public prosecutor is bringing against him.

Mel viagra cialis canadian pharmacy. says he’ll be back to do that… some day. But definitely not right away. Which is why he’s looking to get himself some sweet, sweet international immunity by becoming a member of the Central American Parliament. Well played.

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Showdown at the Central Bank

Redrado leaving the Central Bank (via La NaciA?n)

The fracas over the firing of Argentina’s Central Bank president is turning into a showdown, pitting the executive against the judiciary. Last night, Central Bank (ex?)-president Redrado tried to access his office, but was turned away by security guards who said they answer to a higher power who had ordered Redrado barred from his office.

Assuming the guards were not in any way referring to Jesus, Redrado proceeded to file a lawsuit against the head of the executive cabinet – AnAi??bal FernA?ndez – for “abuse of authority.” He might have a point, considering a court reinstated Redrado after Kirchner tried to fire him. Now Kirchner’s husband, the other Kirchner, is lashing out in the media, accusing the judiciary of a “plot.” Nice.

The really fun part is where Redrado is threatening to “go on the attack” by releasing the names of government buddies who’ve bought dollars from the Central Bank (I assume at a preferential rate?), and the executive is going on the counter-attack by threatening to sue him for a “cover-up,” whatever that might be.

And who does this hubbub help? No one, pretty much buproprion no prescription. : “The Central Bank crisis did nothing more than accentuate a phenomenon that began to appear in 2009: Public opinion believes neither the Government nor the opposition.”

Political crises coumadin warfarin buy. in Argentina are exhausting.


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    • VANCOUVER Elias Petter son hopes he under no circumstances has to undergo the NHL's concu sion protocol again. "It's been very unexciting. I Markus Granlund Jersey 'd love to not do it once more in my job," the Vancouver Canucks rookie claimed on Tuesday right after practising along with his teammates for your initial time in additional than a week. "To be straightforward it sucks to not play video games and that i desire to get again as fast as feasible." The 19-year-old has long been out of the lineup given that he experienced his first-ever concu sion on Oct. 13 on a strike by Florida's Mike Matheson. Petter son explained he was endeavoring to make a play along the boards at the time. "I knew I used to be heading to have strike. I had been standing continue to and he arrived in with velocity," reported the Swedish centre, who was drafted fifth over-all via the Canucks in 2017. "He's a bigger person than me. So yeah. It can be what it really is."Good-news day turns terrible for Canucks as Brock Boeser injury piles on ongoing absence of Elias Petter son. Petterson practised with Canucks but there is no way he performs Wednesday in Vegas. Iain MacIntyre (@imacSportsnet) Oct 23, 2018 The young participant declined to touch upon how Matheson completed the hit, slamming Petter son into the ice. There was no penalty to the perform even so the league later suspended Matheson for 2 online games following a listening to. The Panthers defenceman also obtained in touch with Petter son individually. "He sent me a text and apologized," the Canuck stated. "That was an exceedingly good go by him. I regard it." Petter son leads Vancouver in scoring with five plans and three helps in five game titles along with the team's offence has stalled given that the injury. The club incorporates a overall of 6 goals inside their very last 4 online games. "We've mi sed (Petter son)," head mentor Travis Green mentioned Tuesday. "He's our primary scorer to date. Once your leading scorer within the time isn't within the lineup, you're likely to pa s up his offence." Working on having healthier instead of becoming out about the ice has actually been irritating, said Petter son. Probably the most severe wounded he'd beforehand experienced in hockey was a broken thumb, which did not end him from primary the Swedish Hockey League in scoring final period. The crucial element to recovering from his to start with concu sion has actually been getting it "day-by-day," he mentioned. "Work out gradual then make an effort to do far more and even more each day. And it felt good every working day." Vancouver was while in the midst of the six-game street excursion if the damage happened and Petter son said it aided that he ongoing to travel along with the group. "If I'd personally be by yourself all the time, I feel I might probably get nuts about that," he stated. "So it's nice to generally be together with the men even though I couldn't participate in." He'll also be a part of the Canucks on their own upcoming highway journey to Vegas and Arizona, but there's no timeline neverthele s for when he'll be slotted back into the line up. "He's nonethele s during the protocol. The subsequent action was obtaining inside of a follow, an entire follow," Inexperienced reported. "Obviously he's obtaining a great deal nearer to playing." Vancouver may very well be down yet another star around the excursion. Right-winger Brock Boeser did not practise on Tuesday and Environmentally friendly reported he's "day-to-day" having a sore groin that he's been working with because final Thursday. The mentor said Boeser, who has 6 factors in nine game titles, will journey with all the team. The Canucks have termed up appropriate winger Darren Archibald from the Utica Comets. Archibald has six points in 8 AHL games this period.

    • Whether or not it had been on account of a weak crop of free agents or unexpectedly minimal progre s within the NHL wage cap, there has not been much ridiculous expending in NHL cost-free agency in 2017. Most groups which were lively did properly for on their own, securing high quality gamers at affordable cap hits.After digging into the figures, the following ten discounts are our favourites. C Martin Hanzal, Dallas Stars: 3 a long time, $4.seventy five million cap hit Hanzal is actually a capable scorer at 5-on-5, using a point production charge improved as opposed to typical second-liner in exce s of each individual of your past 4 seasons. What helps make him special, although, is he can engage in hard matchups and be his team's primary defensive zone centre although neverthele s contributing offence. In every on the past ten many years, his workforce has accomplished a far better occupation of out-shooting its opponents when he's within the ice in contrast to getting around the bench. C Sam Gagner, Vancouver Canucks: A few a long time, $3.fifteen million cap hitThe very first of 3 Canucks on this record isn't exactly the same type of two-way threat Hanzal is, but brings price in a very distinct part. Gagner hit fifty factors this past season inspite of limited minutes, in large part thanks to his perform as being the right-shot finisher to the Blue Jackets electricity enjoy. He's only 27 yrs previous and it is able of anchoring a secondary scoring line and playing a big purpose to the man benefit. RW Ales Hemsky, Montreal Canadiens; LW Scott Hartnell, Nashville Predators; LW Mike Cammalleri, Los angeles Kings: A single yr, $1 million cap hit for allIf this listing wasn't capped at 10 names, Benoit Pouliot and Patrick Sharp might have warranted inclusion right here, as they also signed one-year promotions at virtually the equivalent price tag level. Pouliot and Sharp are reclamation candidates, even though, anything which isn't genuinely legitimate of your three players who did make this listing. All 3 of those wingers experienced solid seasons and in some way nonethele s observed on their own signing one-year specials at fourth-line dollar figures. All are really acceptable bets to engage in top-six roles at even-strength, for the reason that all are actually at least above-average second-line forwards over the past 3 seasons in terms of 5-on-5 scoring premiums:Hartnell will be the most exceptional participant on this list. About the earlier a few seasons, in an average shift at 5-on-5, he continues to be extra probable to choose up a degree than this kind of players as Ryan Getzlaf, Blake Wheeler and Johnny Gaudreau. Inspite of a lack of ice-time relative to other best even-strength scorers, Hartnell ranks forty third in even-strength factors (a hundred and fifteen) in exce s of the previous a few seasons, just a bit better as opposed to ordinary first-line ahead (with thirty groups from the NHL, you will find 90 first-line forwards).Hartnell has not visibly deteriorated with age, po sibly. No other Blue Jackets ahead was a lot more likely to pick up a degree for the duration of an even-strength change this earlier time. Hemsky and Cammalleri aren't at that amount, but both equally are respectable top-six forwards and incorporate a power engage in dimension that Hartnell lacks. Hemsky is particularly notable for acquiring commenced more shifts inside the defensive than offensive zone in each of the previous two seasons; he retained his scoring even with playing generally over a examining line in Dallas. Cammalleri, in the meantime, is just a person period faraway from scoring 38 points in forty two video games. RD Kevin Shattenkirk, Ny Rangers: 4 many years, $6.sixty five million cap hitShattenkirk was in all probability the most beneficial player acce sible over the free Samuel Morin Jersey of charge agent industry, though a lukewarm post-deadline general performance with Washington could po sibly have soured some teams on him. However, Big apple landed Shattenkirk at a incredibly affordable value place and most importantly only fully commited four decades, meaning that Shattenkirk will only be 32 when this deal ends. Shattenkirk is really a brilliant offensive player, as well as finest electric power participate in defenceman inside the NHL these days. In exce s of the past a few a long time, he's averaged six.eight points/hour in 5-on-4 scenarios, placing him head-and-shoulders above the NHL's second-best defenceman more than that span (Victor Hedman, five.2 points/hour).LD Michael del Zotto, Vancouver Canucks: Two several years, $3 million cap hitTwo years ago, del Zotto was taking part in 23 minutes for every video game since the best defenceman with a Philadelphia Flyers workforce that designed the playoffs. This year he regre sed, but was still a reliable second-pair man with decent shot metrics and puck-moving capability. His offensive totals happen to be damage by not currently being a leading electrical power participate in selection in Philadelphia, but he's proven in the past he's able of contributing within the guy gain, much too. LD Patrick Wiercioch, Vancouver Canucks: One calendar year, $650,000 cap hitWiercioch was mi sing in the distre s which was the 2016-17 Colorado Avalanche, but he's however 6-foot-5 and only 26 years previous. Most of all, among 2010 and 2016, his staff scored 54 for every cent from the goals and took fifty three per cent in the photographs when he was within the ice. That's a nice gamble in the NHL's minimal wage. G Steve Mason, Winnipeg Jets: Two yrs, $ million cap hitThere can be an aspect of po sibility into the Mason agreement in that the veteran goaltender experienced his worst season in ages this past time, delivering a sub-average campaign for an NHL starter. About the 3 seasons previous to 2016-17, neverthele s, his .935 conserve percentage at 5-on-5 was among the very best totals from the league, position just behind Carey Price's .939. The Jets got a reputable NHL starter without the need of breaking the bank or supplying substantially expre sion.G Brian Elliott, Philadelphia Flyers: Two a long time, $2.seventy five million cap hit Elliott might be a fair far better gue s than Mason as a consequence of his le sened cap strike. It's tough to know the way much four bad playoff game titles with Calgary price him in cost-free agency, but it really must happen to be a whole lot. More than the past 4 seasons, his .931 preserve share at 5-on-5 is tied with Chicago's Corey Crawford and New Jersey's Cory Schneider. That is terrific organization to become preserving.

    • The Nation has a long, wonky, wonderful article on Mexican maize cultivation, the effects of NAFTA, and the dangers of genetically-modified seeds. Author Peter Canby backs up his excellent writing with piles and piles of meticulous research. Not to be missed. [link, via SM] ( buy 5 mg cialis pills online levithyroxine buy from india. . Image from Joel Penner buspar online . .)

    • Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas ended his hunger strike yesterday after 134 days. Farinas decided to end his strike after the Cuban government said it would release political prisoners rounded up in the "Black Spring" crackdown of 2003. Get well soon. [link]

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    • The Uruguayan selection, which has made it to the quarter finals of the World Cup, just received a shipment of half a ton of fine cuts of beef for the mother of all asados in preparation for a contest against Ghana on Friday: "450 kilos of lisinopril 10 mg no prescription. lomo, 200 of levitra free trial. cheap mexico no rx doxepin. entrecot, 75 of vacAi??o, 75 of colita de cuadril, 150 of ojo de bife and 50 kg of picaAi??a."Ai??[link]

    • diprosone sans ordonnance. Hitmen have assassinated the PRI candidate for governor of Tamaulipas State, Rodolfo Torre CantA?. Torre was gunned down along with six others at about 10:30 this morning on a highway on the way to a campaign event. Drug mafias are assumed to be responsible. [link]

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      From the days when coups were something of a regional sport, new documents detail a famous British ballerina's role in a plot to topple the government of Panama. The plan was to use her yacht to gather men and arms, then "land somewhere and collect in the hills." It didn't work. [link]

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    • Mexico's Attorney General's Office has posted on its web site irrefutable evidence that gold-plated AR-15s and diamond-studded pistol grips are not nearly as cool-looking as they sound. The deadly knick-knack collection is said to belong to Valencia Cartel leader El Lobo. [link]

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    • flunitrazepam buy online. Two Brazilian ranchers were sentenced to 30 years in prison apiece for ordering the killing of an environmentalist nun: "Prosecutors said the pair offered to pay a gunman $25,000 to kill the 73-year-old [Dorothy] Stang because she had prevented them from stealing a piece of land that the government had granted to a group of poor farmers." [link]

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      This video of a kidnapping and car chase in Mexico is notable mainly for the bad-assitude of the TV journalists who were on this like white on rice. Well done, gentlemen.